FitLine and BeautyLine from PM International

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The FitLine and BeautyLine products are manufactured with the exclusive
Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC),
always carrying nutrients to the place they are needed, exactly when they are needed - to the cellular level, from inside and out.

Our Maxim is Health, Beauty and Wellness and sustained performance levels. Who does not want that?

A Unique Nutritional Transport Concept (NTC®). NTC brings nutrients to where they are needed exactly when they are needed, to cell level. With FitLine from the inside and BeautyLine from the outside. BeautyLine series are also perfectly designed for quality and efficiency. Thanks to the Nutritional Transport Concept, NTC®, the perfectly combined ingredients reach even the deepest layers of the skin.

Certified manufacturing processes guarantee the consistently high quality and absolute purity of our food supplements.

Cosmetics - Natural ingredients ensure highest possible dermatological tolerance. Gentle methods of manufacture guarantee maximum purity and a continuously high level of quality. Your skin will become noticeably tauter, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Over 20 years’ experience in developing high-quality cosmetics guarantee it.

Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide already rely on BeautyLine and FitLine Nutritionals.

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