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Heart and Body Naturals the Ayurvedic Superfoods
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Most of our fans tell us that initially they feel calmer, less anxious, and overall just great.
Then they notice they’re sleeping better than usual and it was a really deep restful sleep.
By day three, they’re noticing their food cravings, especially for sugar, have decreased.
By day 7, just about everyone reports that they’ve lost weight, are sleeping dramatically better, are seeing improvement in existing health concerns, and feel happier. Everyone says they cannot imagine being without their MIND, BODY & SOUL.

When your body begins to detoxify, your cells start to eliminate toxic substances. Before the toxins make their final exit they are released into the bloodstream and then carried through the circulatory system.
This may result in physical symptoms that can include body aches and pains, nausea, clogged sinuses, constipation or diarrhea, cold-like symptoms, bad breath, gas, and headaches. These toxins are often eliminated through the skin as well, and this can result in acne, rashes, or other skin issues.
All of these symptoms do not occur for everyone, but it is beneficial to know what to expect ahead of time or what others may have experienced initially .

Drink plenty of the purest water available to you, which is absolutely vital for anyone following any detoxification protocol to help prevent detox symptoms. Adding sea salt, baking soda, or a combination of the two to a warm bath and soaking in it for at least 30 minutes is an excellent way to draw toxins out of the body via the skin. An epsom salt bath is particularly helpful for this purpose as it detoxifies and helps remedy magnesium and sulfur deficiencies that may exist. Bentonite clay in a bath is also very beneficial.
If a full body bath is not feasible, a foot soak can also be helpful.

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